Want to know the prospects most likely to buy – and when to reach them?

Wrapfire is the easy-to-use content delivery tool that enables B2B sales people to wrap their choice of content in great looking, branded microsites — with immediate insights on prospect engagement

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Works with your current environment

B2B selling can feel like endless prospect follow-ups
and sending out materials that don’t seem to get read

Wrapfire can help by revealing the prospects most likely to buy – and when to reach them. Simply wrap your existing selling materials and proposals on a branded sales microsite for your prospect. We’ll provide you real-time visitor notification. And you’ll see right away which opportunities are going to give you the best chance to make quota.

Improve sales effectiveness

Show your team where (or where not to) spend selling time
Identify which materials are most helpful to closing deals
Make it easier with pre-built pages for specific selling situations

Maximize the value of content

Use your content more throughout the sale cycle
Discover which content is of most interest to prospects
Demonstrate ROI and revenue influenced by content

Get more from marketing automation

See the touch points across both marketing and sales
Trigger marketing automation from sales cycle events

Differentiate your buyers’ experience

Share beautiful, branded sales microsites
Include content abstracts that improve engagement

A simple solution for prospect engagement

Take control of your pipeline starting today